Ham & Cheese Croissant

Yesterday I happened to be driving past Emporium in the morning and decided to stop by for a ham and cheese croissant from the Belle Epoque patisserie. Then after carefully driving out of the car park and having avoiding hitting the mercedes next to me or reversing into the Bentley parked opposite me, I snacked on the way to work.

I think it was probably the best ham and cheese croissant I’ve ever bought. It was toasty warm, but the croissant was still soft. I’m pretty certain the cheese was mozzarella and as I took my first bite a few strings of cheese pulled away. So tasty. It had the right amount of ham and I THINK there may have been something else… a sauce or mayo or something. Maybe I just have to go have another one and investigate further. ;)

I had another ham and cheese croissant today. This time from Croissant Express which I used to go to on occasion when I worked in the city. The croissant was a bit hard and very crusty, so it made a big mess when I ate it. And because they don’t toast it to order, the cheese wasn’t soft and melted anymore. It’s for speedier service I know. Also they were cheaper and if you’re in the city you probably won’t be commuting a couple suburbs over just for a croissant. But personal preference now lies with Belle Epoque.

Too bad I work 25 minutes away from Emporium. :(

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