Day 01 – Bangkok

After about 12 hours flying and in transit we still managed to have a full day of shopping and eating.

*Explanation of our artwork: pictures of food to symbolise our food tour, changi airport terminal 3 to show you where we are, and then the picture of the shoe in the top right is to symbolise Charles & keith shoe shop that we weren’t allowed to shop in because of the boys :( BOO!

First I’ll just mention that while airline food is usually mediocre, maybe 1am or so on our Singapore Airlines flight out of Brisbane we were chose the chicken pie meal option and it was sooo good. Even though I had already had dinner hours before I ate the whole thing and could have had more. Yummm.

But enough about boring plane food. We checked into our hotel and because I’d booked a business room we found ourselves on the executive floor waiting for our rooms to be ready. Over tea, coffee and coconut macaroons (yes the ones with the double ‘o’) we observed the 22nd level view and were told that from 6-8pm each day we can go back for complimentary canapes and drinks!! Time to adjust the itinerary to keep that time slot free.

Once we freshened up we were off to Chatuchak, the weekend market with my uncle, who is a resident, to show us around. It was very lucky for us since the market has over 4000 stalls and we could have been lost forever in the midday heat there.

It’s best to go early to avoid the heat and crowds. Although I suspect it’s always crowded but maybe just less stifling. We were there “late” at around noon. My uncle took us to a little food shop where the odd tables and chairs were grouped around a old twisted tree trunk holding up a shade cloth. I can’t tell you very well where it was sadly, because I had no idea where I was. Next to a basket shop and behind a stall selling wooden painted animal figures, in the artist district. Hope that helps you somehow.

We were about to have our first meal in Thailand. But first some fruit crushes served in pretty much small vases (that made for huge drinking glasses). Mine was delicious watermelon. Hubby had mango and peach (yum) and Froggy had lime and mint (sooo refreshing).

Then we ATE! First some springrolls. Sooo tasty. They came with a sweet and sour dipping sauce wth peanuts in it (so I passed on that) but they were great without sauce anyway.

Next up was a pat thai, again with peanuts so it was a bit of a spectate sport for me. Our came a big plate of noodles garnished with lemongrass and topped with a big lobster prawn. I can report that it was really yummy, the whole dish was finished in record time. Mr Fireworks said the noodles were cooked perfectly (al dente).

It wasn’t too long before there was food for me! Our pasta came out, which was pretty much noodles. But in a beautiful spicy, tomatoey sauce topped with lots of prawns and basil. Yum. And everyone, feeling that since I didn’t get to eat the pat thai that I should get to eat more pasta, let me eat most of it. Hehe.

We then dropped the boys off to an aircondioned stall for a two hour massage so that my uncle could take Froggy and I to actually do some shopping. This was a FANTASTIC idea. It kept the boys out of our hair (and the heat, much to their joy) while we took our time looking at EVERYTHING!

I bought a gorgeous silver bowl with a lemongrass candle in it and butterflies on the bowl. A couple of cute, cute totes. A couple presents for other people that I would tell you about but I need to keep it a surprise. And Froggy bought some gorgeous singlet tops with beautiful beading and flowers on them. They looked like they would be $40+ each back home but cost her less than $20 for 3. I love Thailand!

After 2 hours of shopping, I was parched and hot. So we went to pick up the boys who were our polar opposites, refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated and not nearly as sweaty. Then headed to a little stall selling coconuts to drink from. Not just the young coconuts you normally see but baked coconuts. The juice was sweeter and icy cold, exactly what I needed. We watched the crowds go by relaxing in the shade. A short rest before bringing the boys to buy some Abercrombie and Fitch for cheap!

Now time for more food! We walked through oncoming traffic to cross the road to Or Tor Kor food market. A huge space filled with beautifully presented food. It was a feast for the eyes, soon to become a feast for my tummy. This was just going to be a snack to keep us going to dinner. Green mango, fried garlic minced pork “nuggets” and yakitori skewers washed down with some sugar cane juice. Then we picked up 3 bags of tasty fish crackers to bring home for mummy.

A short cab ride later we were back at the hotel washing off a day of marketing and getting ready for dinner. We went to a little restaurant near Chit Lom station called Yummy Tummy for some homestyle Thai food. Set in what was once someones home, this family run restaurant dishes up a delicious feed.

We ate fried Chinese spinach (Morning Glory) with chilli,

stir fried broccoli,

duck larb – a meat salad with mint, basil and minced fried duck,

green chicken curry with a HUGE kick of chilli

the fluffiest seafood omlette,

crispy fried fish with garlic sauce,

grilled chicken

and a green papaya/mango salad (Som Tum).

A beautiful first dinner that gave us a great taste of what is to come. We watched in awe as my little cousin cleaned up the fish head. He ate it with such skill and it made you wonder what you were missing out on since he looked like he enjoyed it so much.

We had some after dinner tea and chocolates at my uncle’s gorgeous house, filled with his amazing collection of antiques and 3 cute dogs. Including two chubby sausage dogs!

With a mix of tiredness from travelling and shopping and the haziness of being in a food coma we made a slow walk back to the BTS and to our hotel. Time to sleep and prepare for day two!

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  • Mudda!:

    Not fair ! I want to be there ! but most prob. when it’s cooler.
    SOunds like your having a great time.

  • Monkylicious:

    There you go! :) More pics of the food are up! :D (for day 01) heheh :)

  • Froggy:

    We were so sad to miss out on Charles and Keith =( .. we were standing waiting as the doors opened first thing in the morning .. luckily we both went back to Singapore for more shopping!

  • Alice:

    OOH my gosh…the fish especially got me drooling over my keyboard and worse still, in my current state.

    And the doggies! Squee.

    It looks like the perfect holiday, Monky.

  • Bald Ninja:

    Yum Yum! Make sure you eat enough for me ><

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