Bangkok Day 02

Day two began with a visit to the hotel breakfast buffet. The problem I have with breakfast buffets is that I always forget that I have more days to go that I can try everything and on the first day I put too many things on my plate. But at least now I know what’s good. Egg station=good, bacon=nice and crispy, also good, mini croissants=good, french toast=good, pork congee=good, eating French toast and mini pancakes with bacon covered in maple syrup=deliciousssss!

After fueling ourselves we took the BTS two stops to Amarin plaza to our tailor. Mr Fireworks fitted himself out with some suits and shirts and hubby Cavs has acquired a sports jacket. We love GMC style even though it is a bit more expensive than some other tailors around. But it was recommended to us years ago and they cut an make the suits well. Hubby’s first set are still going strong after 3 years and we trust their quality. They also keep us on file so we can order from home and have it shipped to us!

Next we walked across to Central Chit Lom for a bit of shopping to work up our appetite for lunch. It didn’t take us long after Froggy and I found Muji and did a bit of damage there. The boys got bored and hungry… So next stop, the top floor to Food Loft.

Hubby and I remember the Food Loft food court fondly from our last trip. Each of you is handed a Food Loft “credit card” that gets scanned at any food station you buy from. One card has 1000baht credit ($35aud approx). We decided we would split up to collect a mini feast each and bring it back to the table to share.

Each food station is usually food from a different country. So here was our trip around the world.

From the Thai station we had prawn springrolls (prawns wrapped in springroll pastry and deep-fried), pandanus leaf wrapped garlic chicken and a noodle soup that was spicy tomato based with prawns in it.
From the Japanese station, very fresh sashimi salmon and tuna, unagi sushi and kingfish sushi, and a chicken katsu curry.

Then from the Korean station a hexagon box with little soft pancakes in the middle and eight finely shredded filings to make your own little rolls. The fillings were ham, chicken, crab meat, egg, tofu, carrot, cucumber & mushroom. It came with a sauce that had chilli powder and sesame seeds in it. It ws really beautiful and made up our vege quota for the meal.

There is a wide variety of drinks at the beverage station, we sampled the Rosella and lemongrass drinks (the lemongrass was
Really refreshing) and a watermelon juice (my favourite) and hubby had a pepsi max. As our pepsi max connosieur he gave it his tick of approval saying it was pretty much te same as Australian pepsi max (unlike Singapore’s which he doesn’t like).

The most expensive dishes ended up being the two sashimi and the Korean dish which were 320 baht each ($11) and we spent about $20 each. It’s fancy food court food but you can spend much less if you choose wisely.

After lunch we met my uncle who took us shopping. We dropped the boys off a Pantip plaza for technology goods shopping (and where you vendors try to sell you sexy movies) while Froggy and I were given a guided tour of Platinum Fashion Mall, a very female centric shopping centre. There are floors and floors of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelery and everything else fashion. Usually buying 3 items at one store means you can buy at wholesale price. It’s very crowded but indoors so it’s not hot. Bring cash for this one.

Afterwards We made our way back to our hotel to meet our transport to the Siam Niramit cultural show. If you have a night free I definitely recommend that you fit this in. The performance is at a theatre built especially for this show. The theatre seats 1000 and there are 150 peformers and 500 beautiful costumes. It gives a theatrical overview of Thailand’s cultural history, mythology and festivals.

Our hotel offered a package that included dinner, transport and the show for approximately $40 aud. We tried to get it without the dinner but they said even if we don’t eat the food it’s the same price and we still have to leave at the same time for the show.

The dinner is a buffet at the theatre. The food is OK. Nothing to write home about it. Beware of pushy tourists. To entertain you before the show is elephant feeding, a little performance and music and a recreation of a thai village you can walk through.

It’s very touristy but the show is worth it. So that was Day 02. See you tomorrow!

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