Food Connect

Here are some more pictures of my food connect orders.

As you can see the produce in the Gourmet Boxes varies from week to week.

I love all the colours and finding out what’s inside each week.

Othello (our fluffy black cat) likes to snif the box when I bring it home and tries to jump inside. Since he’s had a thing for destroying cardboard boxes lately I have to put the box away quickly so I can bring it back to be re-used. Not sure if boxes with cat bite marks would be welcome haha.

I’ve been learning to use up produce I think will spoil quickest first, then move onto the other items. I am ashamed to admit that I have wasted a few things due to poor planning and forgetting that it was in my fridge or in the pantry. Food wastage makes me feel incredibly guilty. I’ve started giving away half my box to mum and a workmate until this set of boxes run out and I can make some adjustments to suit our eating habits a bit better.

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