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Head filled with Old Spice

It has been a strange day. Only a few days ago I was sending emails to some friends who had been equally impressed with the Old Spice “I’m on a boat” Super Bowl ad. (If you haven’t seen it before - I was sending them links to equally entertaining follow up ads.

Then only this morning I was shown a link to one of the most ingenious uses of youtube and social media that has gone viral.

Visually pleasing “Old Spice Man” (aka. Isaiah Mustafa) is sending video responses to tweets, youtube comments and even questions on Yahoo Answers. What wouldn’t you do to hear him say your name (screen name) in that voice of his that, admit it, you cannot get out of your head?

I didn’t leave home to go to work until I had watched every video response that had been posted at the time. Now I find that I can’t stop talking to people about it. I was asked the question, but has this made me want to go out and buy some Old Spice body wash. I then admitted that in fact, a few weeks ago I actually was looking for Old Spice body wash when I went shopping. My husband DOES complain about my choice of body wash (I tend to use natural types of body wash or sensitive skin friendly types). I argue with him that if he wants something different then he should go shopping for it himself but he of course doesn’t. So being the good wifey that I am, one day I did try to find something more “man-friendly” and the name “Old Spice” was definitely in my head while shopping.

To further prove how much of an effect this has had, after telling this story to a friend, he replied with “your husband doesn’t want to smell like ladies scented body wash”. Now if you excuse me, I need to go and watch the commercial again.

P.S. I love his monocle smile.