Head filled with Old Spice

It has been a strange day. Only a few days ago I was sending emails to some friends who had been equally impressed with the Old Spice “I’m on a boat” Super Bowl ad. (If you haven’t seen it before - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE) I was sending them links to equally entertaining follow up ads.

Then only this morning I was shown a link to one of the most ingenious uses of youtube and social media that has gone viral. http://www.youtube.com/user/oldspice#p/c/484F058C3EAF7FA6

Visually pleasing “Old Spice Man” (aka. Isaiah Mustafa) is sending video responses to tweets, youtube comments and even questions on Yahoo Answers. What wouldn’t you do to hear him say your name (screen name) in that voice of his that, admit it, you cannot get out of your head?

I didn’t leave home to go to work until I had watched every video response that had been posted at the time. Now I find that I can’t stop talking to people about it. I was asked the question, but has this made me want to go out and buy some Old Spice body wash. I then admitted that in fact, a few weeks ago I actually was looking for Old Spice body wash when I went shopping. My husband DOES complain about my choice of body wash (I tend to use natural types of body wash or sensitive skin friendly types). I argue with him that if he wants something different then he should go shopping for it himself but he of course doesn’t. So being the good wifey that I am, one day I did try to find something more “man-friendly” and the name “Old Spice” was definitely in my head while shopping.

To further prove how much of an effect this has had, after telling this story to a friend, he replied with “your husband doesn’t want to smell like ladies scented body wash”. Now if you excuse me, I need to go and watch the commercial again.

P.S. I love his monocle smile.

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  • Mish:

    Hi Kay~ this is so random but I googled umeshu sorbet recipe and found a pic of some you had made.. i can’t find a recipe for this sorbet anywhere, can you possibly let me know where you found yours??
    And so sorry to comment like this.. I couldn’t find a way to email you properly!

  • Monkylicious:

    Hello! I actually made it myself :) I didn’t have a recipe to base it on, so I was sort of winging it. And it needed some adjustment. Will have to try it again to perfect it. But this is basically what I did.

    Sugar Syrup
    500g Sugar
    500mL water
    Combine sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; cook and stir until sugar dissolves completely, about 10 minutes. Transfer to ice bath, stirring until well chilled (or refrigerate till cool). You can also then refrigerate it until you need to use it. This should give you about 700ml/3cups of syrup.

    Umeshu plums (from a bottle of umeshu)
    Some umeshu
    Sugar syrup (I THINK i used the full 700mL)

    I chopped up/blended a few umeshu plums (seeds removed), you only need about 2 or 3. Them combine that with some umeshu. I probably put in about 1/4 of a cup which was probably way too generous. lol. Maybe try 1 or 2 tablespoons and taste. If you put too much alcohol it won’t freeze (which was an issue I had).

    Mix everything together and then you can either use an ice-cream maker as to the manufacturer’s instructions, or just leave the mixture in a container and every now and then give it a mix.

    What I noticed with mine was it wasn’t freezing (too generous with umeshu), so I added more water. It was also REALLY sweet/strong. So I probably added maybe another 500ml of water.

    You’ll kind of have to do it to taste and experiment. I still haven’t gotten around to try this out again with adjustments :)

    It was veryyyy tasty though. I think it would go very well in a cocktail too. :D Let me know how it goes! Would be interested in hearing your findings :)

  • Monkylicious:

    Oh, another thing I’m thinking of trying is… because the sorbet recipes I have found for fruit sorbets usually ask you to use about 750g of fruit (eg. berries) with 90ml of water, and 300ml of syrup, and i 750g of umeshu would be INSANE… I was going to try having about 700/750g of lychees or pear and mix with the umeshu. :) If you did this I think you’d have to blend the fruit and water then strain/push through a strainer to get the liquid and then that would be frozen for the sorbet.

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