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New Look & Treats

New look monkylicious! Woohoo! It’s late at night and I’m a bit worried this page is too peachy and too stripey. Will sleep on it and see how I go in the morning.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to lately. Some sweet treats!

First experiment – Trifle Cake. Layered sponge cake with tia maria cream, jelly and fruit filling topped with custard butter icing. Also strawberry Jam :D

Next time I will make the jelly in the same shape as the sponge with the fruit set in it so it doesn’t all fall out. I also want to try other jams besides strawberry AND actually remember to put the jam on every layer lol. Oops.

This cake was a sugar addict’s dream and I have it on good authority it was still good for eating 1 week on (Shu-Min I’m looking at you).

Next up, little apricot and coconut balls. The honey I used to hold it together had a strong flavour which I didn’t really like. But it was the only honey I had. Next time I’ll seek out an appropriate honey or use apricot jam or marmalade. I also use moist shredded coconut instead of normal dessicated coconut. Much nicer flavour and not as dry.

Sherbert – coloured with powdered colours. I tried a couple shimmer colours too and ended up looking like a sparkly vampire. I have decided that I LOVE powdered colours. Must find more.

Ideally these would be wrapped in a bag with either a lolly pop or as @digellabakes suggested – coloured musk sticks, for dipping.

Hummingbird cake-pops. The little heart design is done using a transfer sheet for chocolate. I also made cherry ripe pops which look similar. I really liked both of these. The home-made cherry ripe was a big hit. Much preferred over actual cherry ripes (I prefer the sweetness level of the homemade and also used moist coconut mixed with normal dessicated so it was not as dry).

Super cute candy hearts. Basically they’re just made of sugar so they were quite sweet. Fun to make though. I also have edible pens which I could have used to write messages on them instead of just embossing them. That might have reduced cracking in the “dough”.

Cupcake pops – also hummingbird cake in this one. Made a ball of cake that was placed in a mould with chocolate in it. Then dipped the top in pink strawberry chocolate for the “icing”. This is quite chocolatey, I would probably change this to have less chocolate – or use real icing on top instead of just more chocolate.

And the last treat….

I was in Sydney on Monday for the launch of International Year of the Volunteer + 10 for my involvement in #BakedRelief, which was started by the lovely Danielle (@digellabakes).

The launch was held at Admiralty House and hosted by the Governor General. It had the most amazing view of Sydney Harbour but sadly we weren’t allowed to set up camp on their lawn. :(