Progressive Dinner – West End Central

West End Central was closed for 7 weeks due to flooding. They experienced a lot of issues trying to reopen and felt helpless that they couldn’t get the electricity back on and their staff were without work. Plus they weren’t able to order from their suppliers since they had no business to run. One shop not able to operate has affected so many, the staff, their suppliers, the people those suppliers employ. When they finally had their electricity back on after 6 weeks, a big storm hit Brisbane and there was more flooding that shorted out their electricity again.

The businesses of West End Central are now back and operational. So to show support I am gathering a group of willing eaters to have a progressive dinner at some of the restaurants.

When: Wednesday March 23rd – 6.30pm (If you cannot make the 23rd, we may have a second outing April 6th).

Where: West End Central – Boundary St, West End

1st course – Tapas at Suburban Cafe

Main – Orexi Greek Cafe

Dessert – Freestyle Tout

Cost: Everyone pay for their own food & drinks. ;)

RSVP: As soon as you can for booking purposes. You can post a comment here or find me on twitter @monkylicious :D email monky [a.t]

If you cannot make it, I encourage you to think about dining at these restaurants, or any of the other restaurants that were affected. Some of them are still not open yet. But will be soon! Jellyfish and Moo Moo dining have been closed for an even longer amount of time! Jelly fish was completely under water!

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