Laksa Thursdays – The most delicious day of the week!

There’s a lot of noise on my twitter feed so I miss many things. But there are some words that will jump out at me. Some really delicious words, like duck fat potatoes, oysters, cake, cheese… oh how the cheeses call to me.

Another word that called out to me one day was LAKSA. Infact it was a hash tag, #LaksaThursday. What’s this? One of my favourite foods? And Thursday, today was Thursday! And so I was there, I had to be there, I happened to be there. What luck! And so began my first #LaksaThursday.

Admittedly I get a little picky with certain foods. Laksa happens to be one of them and this is all due to my upbringing. My parents ran a few take-away shops when I was young and laksa was their thing. My dad also likes to critique and dissect food every time we eat out (even in) and of course no one’s cooking ever compares to mum’s. But here I was at Satay Club** in the Brisbane CBD with friends and strangers, about to dig into #LaksaThursday.

I’m not going to tell you what I thought of each laksa as there are so many different types; Laksa Lemak, Curry Laksa, Assam Laksa, Thai Laksa… And anyway, like I said, nothing compares to mum’s.

But here are the laksas from the #LaksaThursdays I made it to.

Laksa Thursday Satay Club Brisbane, Duck Laksa

Duck Laksas all around at Satay Club


Laksa at Hamptons Home and Living - Paddington

Laksa Thursday - Old Town Kitchen - Fortitude Valley

BBQ Pork & Chicken Laksa - Old Town Kitchen

Combination Laksa - Asian 88 - McWhirters, Fortitude Valley

Vegetarian Laksa - Marco Polo (Just remembered I had this #LaksaThursday without even realising!)

Eating all this laksa has made me realise one thing. I really miss my mum’s laksa lemak. So I asked her really nicely this week to make some and because she loves me, she agreed to make some for lunch and on Thursday!

Mum's laksa paste - if only you could smell the amazing aromas.

Two types of noodles for me thanks!

Mum's laksa is not complete without some laksa leaves (vietnamese mint)

Laksa Lemak - cooked by my awesome mum!

Out of all the #LaksaThursdays this has been my favourite. I hung around the kitchen watching mum cook, getting hungrier by the moment. I even had seconds later in the afternoon! It had everything I love, the aroma of the vietnamese mint garnish, fried tofu that had absorbed all the delicious soup, chicken, prawns AND baby squid and of course TWO TYPES OF NOODLES. Here I’d like to publicly apologise to Dorene for saying you’re not eating real laksa if it only has one type of noodle. It’s the way I’ve always eaten and loved laksa, but who am I to dictate how anyone should enjoy their laksa days.

Laksa Thursday is not an event you attend or a club you need to join, it’s a change of lifestyle, a movement. Trying to turn as many of my Thursdays as possible into #LaksaThursdays has been a tasty challenge. So I encourage you all to make laksa Thursdays happen in your own lives. So I wish you all many happy Laksa Thursdays! Slurp! (Sorry no recipe, family secret) ;)

**My dad was actually the manager of Satay Club way back when it first opened. I think it was about 1996 and he helped the owner design the layout of the restaurant and set it up. I even worked there on Friday nights for a while! Also on another side note, my dad makes the best satays! But I’ll tell you about that another time.

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