Red Cross Big Cake Bake – Cake Stall at Kerbside Lane Markets

We are holding a cake stall!

Big Cake Bake is a fun, new fundraising inititaive inviting generous people just like you to support Red Cross and the tremendous work it carries out each day by helping people in need, including some of the most vulnerable families across Australia and overseas.

And so for our part in the Big Cake Bake we are holding a cake stall at the Kerbside Lane Markets.

Big Cake Bake – Cake Stall

Sunday October 9th
1pm to 6pm

Kerbside Lane Markets
Ann St, Cnr Constance St
Fortitude Valley

 Grab some delicious cupcakes and cake in exchange for a donation to Red Cross.

If you can’t make it on the day and still want to donate you can do so here:

Want to run your own Big Cake Bake event? More info here:

Where will your donation go?


will help provide a nutritious breakfast to a child living in a remote Australian community where fresh and nutritious food isn’t always available.


will contribute to programs that reconnect families torn apart by war, conflict and disasters.


will help to record a child reading a story book to send to her mum or dad in prison so families feel more connected.


will support Aboriginal community-led education programs to help create strong, safe families and help prevent violence and abuse.


will enable a parent, struggling with a mental illness, to reconnect with his community through supportive social contact and long-term goal setting.


could contribute to culturally relevant materials and resources that support Aboriginal communities to improve child and family safety.


will help install a well to provide safe and ongoing fresh water for a family in Cambodia.


will help to support a teenage mother, who grew up in foster care, to learn positive parenting skills.


will help meet immediate needs such as clothing, food and somewhere to stay the night for an Australian family who has lost everything in a house fire.


will support Aboriginal-led partnerships to improve maternal health and reduce the distressingly high rates of low birth weight babies in some communities.


will help run a prison visitors centre where volunteers create a comfortable environment for children visiting their mum or dad.


will help tutor 10 newly arrived refugee parents on where to find affordable and fresh ingredients in Australia and what to cook to provide well balanced and nutritious meals for their families.

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